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Post Surgical Design Options

With each passing day more women are struck with the unfortunate breast cancer diagnosis. The news of breast cancer can test the will of even the strongest women in our lives. More frequent is the occurrence of the disease in young women, with some opting to undergo mastectomy surgery as a preventative measure. Even amidst such a courageous decision, one can be left in physical and emotional ruin, feeling less confident, and less feminine. For many women, trying to find a bra that fits her new body only serves to present an additional challenge she’s not yet ready to face.

Braazi wants to be a bright light during this potentially dark time by providing you with beautiful design options that don't make you feel singled out. Instead, you feel like all of our customers, beautiful, confident and free to design your bra as you please. This is the reason we offer wire fee and pocketed options. 

You are strong. You are beautiful. You have options. Choose to live beautifully.

I felt sexy the moment I put it on!!!
Sofia Wade
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