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Bra - Priscilla Kai Tyler Racer Back Bra

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Bra - Amber Ona Wright In Denim

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Customer Reviews

Isake Zuberi

"Excellent in every way shape and form, from fabric combinations to stitches. Well done"

Melissa Mallory

"This is my second set I've purchased with Braazi, and will not be my last. The bra fits me like a glove! I have no desire or necessity to snatch it off when I get home. The design came out better than I imagined. There's no pinching, no tightness, and no spillage. Braazi is true to it's promise- custom made lingerie."

Emma Chambers

"When I say perfect fit, I mean perfect fit. You will never find a bra and panties like these in any store. Once you try them you will never go back to a regular store.
Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL experience and yes I feel sexy in my bra and panties.

Sophia Green

"Ihere are so many great designs that you can choose from. When I saw the new swimsuit designs I knew that I had to purchase one. I really love the swimsuit because its very custom to my body and looks great against my skin tone! Thanks Braazi!!  "