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Before we start: Measurements should be taken while nude.
Be sure to remove your bra.

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What your current bra size and brand?

Tell us the size and brand of your best-fitting bra


What is your snug underbust measurement?

Take a snug measurement around your ribcage where your bra band usually sits, checking in a mirror to make sure it is level all around, snug, but comfortable.


What is your tight underbust measuremnt?

Exhale the air from your lungs and take a very tight measurement to the point of discomfort. Make sure it's level all around.


What is your standing bustline measurement?

Loosely measure your bustline around the fullest part of your bare breast tissue while keeping the tape level all around.


What is your leaning bustline measurement?

Lean forward 90 degrees and measure your bustline around the fullest part of your bare breasts, making sure the tape is loose, but without exess slack.


What is your lying bustline measurement?

Lying on your back take a loose measure of your bare bustline over the fullest part of your breast tissue.


What's your hip measurement?

Be sure to place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your buttocks, making sure there is no slack in the tape.


We aim to give you both, but when shopping for your perfect bra, do you seek optimal support or amazing comfort?

Your answer to this question will affect the band size we recommend you.


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Cup Size

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Our Recommendation: "You may feel more supported in a smaller band. When decreasing the band size, you should remember to go up a cup size. In a smaller band, your size is [Display the suggested size with this message ]. However, If comfort is more your goal, we recommend you go up in band to [use go up in band, down in cup logic to determine size]."


Snug and Tight is equal

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